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Construction, Renovation & Remodeling Services

The Handyman provides a variety of services including construction, renovation, and maintenance & repair services. We can do both small and large jobs that include house construction, plaza construction, bathroom & washroom renovation, kitchen renovation, paint works and other related services.

Construction & Renovation Services

Reliable, Trustworthy, and Quality Contractors

The Handyman is a Pakistan Engineering Council registered (PEC 69296) contractor offering premium construction services in UAE. We can do any kind of construction job. From project design, estimation, material purchase, to the management and supervision of contractors & the labour, trust The Handyman to do the job for you.

We are also providing bathroom renovation services, kitchen renovation services, house renovation services, shop renovation services, office renovation services, and MEP services. Contact us for further information

  • Design (architecture, elevations, basic exteriors & interiors, layouts, structure, and the maps of electrical / plumbing / HVAC systems) through qualified architects on our panel
  • Design Approval & Permit we ensure the design / layout is signed off by an approved Structural Engineer and get it approved by the relevant govt. authority of your area (CDA, DHA, etc)
  • ¬†Estimation provide you accurate measurements, costs of labour, and bill of materials, so you don't overspend or fall short of manpower or supplies
  • Material Purchasing & Management purchase material at discounted rates through our supplier network and ensure that material is used efficiently and not wasted or damaged
  • Transportation we manage the transportation of labour, construction equipment, and all materials such as bricks, fixtures, gravel, sand, and steel
  • Contractor, Sub-Contractor, & Labour Management we manage and supervise all staff and workers, arrange substitutes, and handle their time management
  • Supervision & Quality Control we supervise, keep a strong check on the construction site, and ensure there is no compromise on quality or on project delivery time
  • Progress Updates we provide routine updates to our clients along with site pictures to keep them informed about construction progress. This is especially useful to those clients that are living in far cities or overseas

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